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Finally, an education that's student centric, interactive and solely focused on your success.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Bryan College Sacramento’s website. Along with our faculty and staff, I compliment you for taking the initiative to explore pathways for further education and how it might help you achieve your personal and professional career goals. I’ve been with Bryan College Sacramento for over 17 years and have seen amazing growth in our student body and remarkable success achieved by our graduates. Bryan College was founded in 1940 based upon principles of integrity and excellence, and I’m proud to be part of an organization that has helped students succeed for more than 70 years.

Bryan College’s focus is and has always been the success of our students. Student success means that our graduates are pleased with their education and, most importantly, are enjoying a fulfilling career in their chosen field. Top employers have been hiring Bryan graduates for years and many of these employers function as Program Advisory Board Members to collaborate directly with our faculty and staff on curriculum, and to ensure that Bryan College students receive a high quality, relevant education. We meticulously choose each of our programs with one thing in mind - your success! These programs offer you great career opportunities and a solid foundation for your continued success into the future.

Our faculty group brings years of experience and expertise in their specific fields. Each faculty member is carefully selected with the skills and industry knowledge needed to get you started in your field, and they bring real-world experience into the classroom. This means upon graduation, you have an immediate network of people to help launch your career, and you are immediately productive in the workforce. Our classes are also student-centric, which means that learning is focused on your individual needs, abilities, interests, and customized to your learning style. Your instructors also mentor and coach you each step of the way, which helps facilitate learning while accelerating knowledge retention. The end result is your successful graduation, coupled with the tools, skills, and the understanding needed to work in a new career and the knowledge of how to continue the cycle for success.

At Bryan College, we will show you the pathway to success and we will help you get there. We invite you to come and experience Bryan College today and start the pathway to a rewarding future.


John S. Ledesma, President
Bryan College Sacramento Campus

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