Create your path to a court reporting career.

Associate Degree in Court Reporting

Create Your Path to a Court Reporting Career
As the field of court reporting evolves, education for reporters must evolve along with it. And with technological advances like RealTime Coach, an experiential realtime reporting tool, there’s never been a better time to get your education in the cutting-edge classroom environment that Bryan College offers.
As a Bryan College student, you’ll learn from successful deposition and judicial reporters. Using the industry’s pre-eminent realtime reporting learning tools, you’ll be challenged with real-world court reporting circumstances and situations. And you’ll get the faculty support you need to solve each and every challenge with confidence. It’s the technical training and individualized instruction you need to prepare for the court reporting career of your dreams—and then, upon graduation, to go out and get it.
Program Highlights
  • In-depth instruction on the use of Computer-Aided Transcription (CAT) software and next-generation court reporting technologies.
  • Extensive training to develop typing skills while learning to produce and transcribe legal forms and deposition documents.
  • Comprehensive preparation for the California Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR) exam.
  • Core focus on the fields of court reporting, deposition reporting, closed captioning, realtime writing and CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation).
Credentialed Faculty and Individual Support
At Bryan College, we believe that success in the growing field of court reporting demands a different approach to education. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you a unique, hands-on experience from qualified educators who will help coach and mentor you individually to ensure you are able to apply concepts and techniques learned in class to real-world scenarios.  Once you complete your program, you'll have the knowledge and skills to confidently  transition to the professional work environment.
Program of Study
Our accredited, associate degree program gives you the comprehensive, hands-on training you need to prepare for a court reporting career. Students who complete our degree program will be prepared for both the state-specific and national certification and licensing requirements.  To request a current copy of the program catalog, faculty directory or any other information, please complete the Request Information Form.

An Education that Keeps on Giving
At Bryan College, we know that education is a lifelong pursuit. That’s why we give our graduates the opportunity to return and audit any previously completed course that is still being taught and has space availability. No tuition will be charged for taking a refresher course, because we believe in keeping our graduates educated for life. 
Your career success is at the core of our mission. Our lifetime job placement assistance and accessible alumni network allow us to keep contributing to your success long after you’ve graduated. It’s another privilege of attending Bryan College—and we’re proud to offer it, anytime our graduates need it.

We invite you to experience Bryan College today by completing the Request Information Form and one of our friendly admissions advisors will contact you promptly. 

Note that CSR Certification exam pass rates for Bryan graduates can be found at

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program and other important information, please click here.
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