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Associate Degree in Court Reporting

When you study at Bryan College, you get a unique opportunity to learn from the true leaders and visionaries in your industry. That’s because we’re committed to recruiting only the industry’s top experts to our faculty, so you can learn from working professionals and thought leaders who are at the top of their game—and who can show you exactly how to reach your potential, too.  
June Cochrane
Program Director, Court Reporting

June Cochrane is the Program Director in Court Reporting at Bryan College. She is a graduate from California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration and a graduate from Argonaut Skills and Business Center, Sacramento, in Court Reporting.  She is also a member of NCRA, CCRA, and NCCRA.

She received her Certified Shorthand Reporters license in January of 1992 and her Certified Reporting Instructor Certification in 2011. June's background includes 19 years of experience as a court reporter, working in court, depositions, and hearings. She started her career with Bryan College as an instructor in 2006 and continues to report in her spare time.


Diana Bradham
Court Reporting Program Assistant, Court Reporting

Diana joined the Court Reporting Department at Bryan College as a reader in 2011.  After getting a BA from Sacramento State University, Diana has had a varied career experience working as a product demonstrator, a department manager at Weinstock’s, an air conditioning/heating estimator, vice president of the helicopter division of a tax shelter leasing firm, owner of a wearable art business, supervisor for Chr*stmas Around the World, and owner of a Clown business. 

For the past seven years, she has been a volunteer with the American Red Cross and a disaster preparedness organization called CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) serving as a training and cache coordinator.  Diana also enjoys spending time with her high school sweetheart husband of 39 years and their two daughters.


Bobbe Bray
Instructor, Court Reporting

Bobbe Bray is a Certified Reporting Instructor and has been an instructor for the Court Reporting Program at Bryan College Campus since 2008. She graduated as a court reporter from Trinity College in San Francisco.

She started out as a deposition reporter for a number of firms located in San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Sacramento and then worked for years as an Official Reporter for El Dorado County reporting in the Family Law Department, Criminal Court in Cameron Park.


Kathy Brunet
Instructor, Court Reporting

Kathy Brunet is an instructor for the Court Reporting Department at Bryan College. Kathy attended Cypress College and then completed her schooling at Southern California College of Court Reporting in Anaheim, California.

Kathy became licensed as an RPR and CSR in 1992 and has worked in the Court Reporting field for the last 20 years, taking a hiatus to homeschool her three children. She is currently teaching in our Online Speed Program and has taught both Theory I and Theory II for Bryan College.

Kathy continues to be involved in her children's education and serves as the Treasurer on the Parent Sponsored Partnership board. She has been blessed with a wonderful husband of 20 years and enjoys spending time with her family.


Chr*stina Coughlin
Instructor, Court Reporting

Chr*stina Coughlin is the high-speed instructor at Bryan College. In addition to speed classes, she teaches Court Procedures and Deposition Procedures. Chr*stina has been a Certified Shorthand Reporter since 1985, earning her diploma and certificate through Trinity College, San Francisco.

She started her career in the deposition field and enjoyed many years specializing in medical malpractice, construction, and asbestos cases. Chr*stina then received her officialship in San Mateo County Superior Court, working under the Honorable H. James Ellis, where her tenure was spent doing mostly criminal matters.

In addition to reporting, Chr*stina brings to Bryan College over eight years of teaching experience in the court reporting field.


Lynette DeWilde
Instructor, Court Reporting

Lynette DeWilde is an instructor for the Court Reporting Department at Bryan College. She graduated from Whitley College of Court Reporting. After receiving her Certified Shorthand Reporter's license, she began her career as a freelance deposition reporter.

After working for nearly 11 years with several agencies in Southern California and the Sacramento area, she decided to take a leave to raise her children. She resumed her career in 2009, teaching for Bryan College, where she is currently a Certified Reporting Instructor and a member of the National Court Reporters Association.

Michael S. Dunne
Instructor, Court Reporting

Michael presently serves as the instructor for Legal Terminology for the Court Reporting Program at Bryan College. He is an experienced legal educator and holder of a Doctor of Laws Degree. He also has professional experience in the fields of media relations, contract administration, community organizing and legislative advocacy.

Michael holds advanced degrees in International Studies from the Claremont Graduate University and Communications Management from the Annenberg School of Communications of the University of Southern California.


Pam Fierro
Instructor, Court Reporting

Pam Fierro is an instructor for the Court Reporting Department at Bryan College and is a Certified Reporting Instructor with the National Court Reporters Association. Her experience includes working as a Court Reporter for the U.S. District Court of Southern California and as the District Sales Manager of Northern California for Stenograph, LLC, from 1994 to 2001.


Cynthia Guzman
Instructor, Court Reporting

Ms. Guzman has been employed as a Court Reporting Instructor with Bryan College since 2010 working both in the Theory and Speed levels. She enjoys working with her students in order to help prepare them for a fulfilling and exciting career in the field of Court Reporting.

She is a member of the California Court Reporters Association (CCRA), the Deposition Reporters Association (DRA), as well as the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), in which she holds her Court Reporting Instructor (CRI) certification.

In addition to her teaching career, Cynthia has maintained her Court Reporting career for over 23 years. She has experience reporting in the courts, board meetings, hearings, arbitrations and depositions, to name a few. She has owned and operated her own Court Reporting business for over the past ten years.

She sometimes ponders the thought of retirement but believes that Court Reporting is just too good to give up!


Denise Hansen
Instructor, Court Reporting

Denise Hansen joined the Court Reporting Department at Bryan College in 2006. She currently teaches speed classes, ranging from 150 words per minute through Qualifiers. Working as an instructor in the evening Court Reporting program allows her the ability to remain active during the day reporting depositions, hearings, and court proceedings. She then brings to class her experiences and enthusiasm and passes on all the current and up-to-date trends in the industry.

Denise attended Empire Business College in Santa Rosa, California to pursue Court Reporting. She received her California Certified Shorthand Reporter's license in 1996. Her background includes 15 years of court reporting experience consisting of: reporting hearings in the Bay Area and Sacramento; working in Superior Court, Woodland, California; Federal Court, Sacramento, California; reporting depositions throughout Northern California.

Before becoming a Court Reporter, Denise was actively involved in the restaurant industry, having owned and operated seven pizza parlors for thirteen years.


Madelyn Jones
Instructor, Court Reporting

Madelyn Jones, the 2011 My Realtime Coach "Outstanding Teacher Award" recipient, came to Bryan College with 30+ years of court reporting experience as a Certified Shorthand Reporter. Ms. Jones has a degree in court reporting from San Diego College of Business and an A.A. in Humanities. She is certified by the National Court Reporters Association as a Certified Reporting Instructor and teaches theory classes.

Her professionalism and good humor, qualities cultivated in the Superior courts of San Diego and Sacramento as well as the U.S. District Court of Southern California, have graced the halls of Bryan College since 2008 and yielded top-performing court reporting students.


Deborah Jong
Instructor, Court Reporting

Deborah Jong has been an instructor at Bryan College since 2008 where she has taught court reporting theory, medical terminology, and speed-building.  She was recognized as the Bryan College Instructor of the Year in 2010. 

Deborah earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from San Jose State University; Master of Social Work from California State University, Sacramento; Certified Shorthand Reporter from the State of California; and Certified Reporting Instructor certification from the National Court Reporters Association.


Tia Kilpatrick
Instructor, Court Reporting

Ms. Kilpatrick has taught both language and fitness at the college level for over a decade. Since her first teaching assistantship at Sacramento State in 2003, Ms. Kilpatrick has taught at City College of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, Zoni Language Centers in New York and, while in northern Italy as a graduate student, at the University of Pavia. She has studied Latin, French, Italian and Spanish and has an M.A. in Medieval history from San Francisco State (2010).

Ms. Kilpatrick also has a certificate in Paralegal Studies from Humphrey's College (2000) and has worked as a legal assistant. In addition to her academic education, Ms. Kilpatrick has fitness certifications in group exercise, spinning and Pilates.

Ms. Kilpatrick currently teaches Grammar A, Grammar B, Punctuation, Legal Terminology and CSR test prep for Bryan College. She also teaches group exercise at Sacramento State and Pilates at DFX Pilates in East Sacramento.

Kathy Klemencic
Instructor, Court Reporting

Kathy Klemencic is a Court Reporting Instructor at Bryan College since February of 2010, having taught Theory II, III, IV, and currently instructing online Speed 80/100, 100/120, and 120/130. She is also an Official Court Reporter at the Sacramento Superior Court having been employed as such since 1984.

Kathy attended California State University, Sacramento, and is a graduate from Argonaut Skills and Business Center, Sacramento, for Court Reporting. She received her Certified Shorthand Reporters license in 1982 and her Certified Reporting Instructor certification in 2011.

Before being employed as an Official Court Reporter for the Sacramento Superior Court, Kathy worked in Monterey and Sacramento reporting depositions.



Jodi L. Lusiani, CSR
Instructor, Court Reporting

Jodi L. Lusiani joined Bryan College in October 2011 as an instructor in the Court Reporting Program, teaching both Theory and Speed classes. Jodi became licensed as a California CSR in December 1993 and has worked primarily in the deposition arena since then. She would also like to venture into closed-captioning in the future.

Her professional background includes graduating from Pacific College of Legal Careers with a certificate in legal assisting, where she then worked for 14 years in a law firm specializing in insurance defense/medical malpractice. She then pursued a court reporting career and graduated from Argonaut Court Reporting School in 1993 and commenced working as a freelance reporter in January 1994.

She is a member of the NCRA (National Court Reporters Association), CCRA (California Court Reporters Association) and the NCCRA (Northern California Court Reporters Association). Her hobbies include traveling, scrapbooking, cooking, sports and volunteering for childrens'/animal charities.


Dani McClure
Instructor, Court Reporting

Dani McClure attended both Laurenwood College and Humphrey's College in Sacramento. After qualifying to sit for the state test, she obtained her license in the state of Idaho as well and an RPR license before becoming a California Certified Shorthand Reporter in January of 1993.

Dani is a freelance reporter, and has worked both depositions and in court her entire career.

Karen Nowack
Instructor, Court Reporting

Karen Nowack became a California CSR in 1986. Once receiving her CSR, she did deposition reporting in Sacramento, Monterey, and San Francisco. She attended Moore's Business College in Sacramento and Trinity School of Court Reporting in San Francisco.

In 1989 she became an Official Court Reporter at the Sacramento Superior Court, and currently works for Judge Sueyoshi. Karen enjoys working with her Bryan College students, and has nothing but admiration for those students that stick it out all the way to receiving their CSR. Karen enjoys spending time with her family, pets, and those close to her.


Geri Reisinger
Instructor, Court Reporting

Geri Reisinger has vast court reporting experience both in the field and in the classroom. After graduating from Los Angeles Pierce College with an Associate of Arts degree, majoring in legal and grammar, Geri attended and graduated from Bryan College in Los Angeles in 1988. Passing the Certified Shorthand Reporter test on the first try, she then worked as a freelance court reporter for approximately six years.

Geri then took an opportunity to become a court reporting instructor. She now has over nine years of teaching experience at all speed levels including two years as a program director. She is a member of the National Court Reporters Association and is now a Certified Court Reporting Instructor, CRI. She also has six years' experience in the medical field, working for orthopedic surgeons.

Geri is married and enjoys spending time with her husband Jim and their two rescue dogs, Gracie and Bandit. Her outside interests include running half marathons, jet skiing, working out, and gardening.

Susan Taubman
Reader, Court Reporting

Susan Taubman is a reader for the Court Reporting Department at Bryan College. She has also written real time tests for court reporting courses at Bryan College. In her previous work as an instructor at Berlitz Language Center, Susan won an award named after her, as the "First Honorary Susan B. Taubman Award" initiated by Berlitz for "extraordinary dedication and commitment to distinguished instruction."

Prior to Berlitz, Susan taught English as a Second Language at the U.C. Davis Extension. She also taught at the U.C. Davis Extension for 9 years doing ESL teacher training in the Education Department. Susan has a M.A. in TESOL from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and a M.S. in Education from the University of Pennsylvania.

Suan did her undergraduate work in the field of music. Over her career, Susan has taught both English and Spanish in Japan, and also taught English in Mexico. In Japan, she was Regional Correspondent for a newspaper. Susan has also been a museum docent for Placer County.

Desiree C. Tawney
Instructor, Court Reporting

Desiree C. Tawney is an instructor for the Court Reporting Department at Bryan College. She obtained her Certified Shorthand Reporter License from the Court Reporters Board of California in January of 2001. She also holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Court Reporting from CEI College in Anaheim, California.

Desiree is still licensed under the Court Reporters Board of California and has continuously worked since 2001 as a Certified Shorthand Reporter. Her experience includes working in the diverse areas of depositions, hearings, investigations, public meetings, commission meetings, trials and bidders' conferences.

Kerry Viens, CSR
Instructor, Court Reporting

Kerry Viens is an instructor for the Court Reporting Department at Bryan College. Kerry received her California CSR in 1999 and is currently pursuing both her RPR and CRR certifications. Her background includes 12 years of court reporting experience with prior experience as a legal assistant and medical transcriptionist.

Kerry is a Bryan College Alumni and studied at both the Los Angeles and San Francisco campuses. In addition to spending time with her husband of 20 years and caring for their three children, Kerry is on the Board of Directors of her community swim team, is a Cub Scout Leader through the Boy Scouts of America and volunteers for her church.

Paula Joy Welter
Instructor, Court Reporting

Paula Joy Welter has been employed for the past three years as an instructor for the Court Reporting Program at Bryan College. Her focus has been primarily in teaching 100-120 speed-building. She received her California Certified Shorthand Reporter's license in 1988, and as well, she is a member of National Court Reporters Association as well as Northern California Court Reporters Association.

Paula's professional background includes 12 years of experience as a freelance deposition reporter in Northern California. More recently, she worked for the California State Assembly, and prior to that, Shriners Hospitals for Children Northern California.

Paula's educational background includes three years of study towards a B.A. in Comparative Literature at Occidental College in Los Angeles; an A.S. in Photography from City College of San Francisco; occasional supplementary coursework in journalism and creative writing from local colleges. In addition, she has recorded two albums of original songs and plays the guitar and cello.



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