Student & Alumni Services
Contributing to your success long after you’ve graduated. 

We offer our alumni lifetime job placement assistance and the opportunity to audit any class.

Our alumni services staff  provides assistance to active students and alumni.  From the moment you become a student at Bryan College, your career success is our mission. Our lifetime job placement assistance and accessible alumni network allow us to keep contributing to your success long after you’ve graduated.  It’s another privilege of attending Bryan College—and we’re proud to offer it, anytime our graduates need it. 

At Bryan College, we know that education is a lifelong pursuit. That’s why we give our graduates the opportunity to return and audit any previously completed course that is still being taught and has space availability. No tuition will be charged for taking a refresher course, because we believe in keeping our graduates educated for life. 

To connect with Alumni Services today, please call 1-866-649-2400.

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