Pursue your passion for health and wellness.

Associate Degree in Advanced Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Pursue Your Passion for Health & Wellness
The benefits of living a healthy lifestyle are numerous, and leveraging your passion for wellness into a career is yet another reward. A degree in Advanced Massage and Bodywork (ATMB) from Bryan College will prepare you for a fulfilling career in one of the fastest growing industries.
Expanding Careers
Careers in the massage therapy field are on the rise.  The projected demand for massage therapist jobs is greater than average through the year 2018 (19% job growth compared to an average of 10%].1
According to a 2010 Yahoo! education article, demand for massage therapy services is expected to grow due to an increasing awareness and emphasis on preventive medicine.2 Massage therapists provide a service that promotes the renewal of body and mind, along with general health and wellness.
Diverse Employers
Massage therapists work in a variety of settings such as:
  • Health & Wellness Spas and Resorts
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Cruise Ships 
  • Community Recreation Centers
  • Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Offices
Massage therapists may also have the opportunity to be self-employed.

At Bryan College, we give you a clear pathway to exciting massage therapy positions, so that you’re ready to make your next career move as soon as you graduate.  Learn how we put you on the path.
1Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook, 20010-11 Edition.  
2http://education.yahoo.net/articles/health_care_reform_jobs.htm?wid=1.  Website current at time of publication.

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